VIVI NOVA Tank Clearomizer

vivi nova tank clearomizer

What Is Vivi Nova Tank Clearomizer

Vivi Nova Tank ClearomizerVivi Nova tank clearomizer (also named as vivi tank, or abbreviated as vivi nova) is a very popular clear cartomizer in the market.

The Vivi Nova Tank clearomizer is designed to work very similar with CE4 Clearomizer, but with larger tank capacity (3.5ml), which can vape all day without refilling. And this tank system comes with changeable atomizer heads so you can change the resistances with different heads. And also, you can only replace the broken atomizer heads individually, rather than disposing of the full unit.

The whole vivi nova kit has 3 different atomizer heads in the packing box, and each one comes in a different Ohm setting of 1.8, 2.4 and 2.8 Ohms, and the number of resistance is engraved down the side of the head so it is very clear for you to choose which one you want use. You can choose the one that can produce the best vaping experience for you.

Specification Components
Materials: PC Tube + Brass Parts Vivi Nova Unit 1pc
Size(mm): D19 * H70 Atomizer Head 2pcs
Weight(g): 30 Packing Box 1pc

The chart of recommended voltage for the different resistance:

1.8ohm: 3V-4.2V – regular 510 and eGo batteries.
2.4ohm: 3V-5V – eGo Variable Voltage batteries if using at the highest voltage setting
2.8ohm: 3V-5.5V – higher voltage devices like the Lavatube or Vamo

The ViVi Nova clearomizer allows you to disassemble all the parts easily for cleaning, especially of the atomizer heads. You can also trim the wicks if you desire to your preference (not recommended). It’s only for advanced users to twist the heating coil of the Vivi Nova Tank Clearomizer. It require a certain level of mechanical skills and knowledge to able to use and rebuild properly.

Advantages of Vivi Nova

advantages of vivi nova1: Larger Capacity: The ViVi Nova can hold 3.5 ml of liquid which let you vape all day without refilling. It’s double size of CE4 clearomizer, the diameter is 19mm, that work perfect on those big mods.

2: Easy to Refill: Since all the parts of Vivi Nova can be disassembled. To refill the tank, just unscrew the top cap and fill in your favorite ejuice with needle bottle, then screw the top cap back.

3: Changeable Atomizer Head: With the changeable / replaceable atomizer head system, you can change / clean / rebuild the broken atomizer head easily, rather than dispose the whole cartomizer kit.

How to Refill Vivi Nova

I’s very easy to re-fill the ViVi Nova Tank Clearomizer – just fill the e-liquid in straight from the needle bottle into the PC tube by unscrewing the metal screws from the top of the tank. and then screw it back on, ensure the drip tip is in place! It’s as easy as that!

P.S. Do remember, don’t fill the eliquid into the middle air-hole in the tank.

How to Change the Atomizer Head

replace vivi nova head1: Unscrew the metal top cap from the tank
2: Pour out any remaining E-Liquid (can be saved to refill)
3: Unscrew the plastic tank from the bottom cap
4: Unscrew the head from the center post
5: Screw the new head onto the center post
6: Reassemble and fill with e-liquid
7: For best results wait a couple of minutes for the E-Liquid to feed to the coil before vaping

How To Clean ViVi Nova

Just like filling the tank up with juice, cleaning the device is also just as easy! Due to the easy access into the plastic tube which makes up the main component of the tank, there is nothing too complicated. The ViVi Nova can be washed with water to remove any left over liquid before you want to start using a different flavour e-liquid with it. Once you feel that The ViVi Nova is not working as well as it once did or you notice that the flavour has started to fade – simply replace the atomsier head. Once again, unscrew the plastic tube, unscrew the atomiser before popping on a fresh atomiser and screwing this one securely into place- it couldn’t be simpler!

Vivi Nova Upgraded by Ecigator

vivi nova tube1: More clear tank – we have changed the material of the tank tube, which been tested in serious conditions, and also we changed the manufacturing process which make it more clear.vivi-nova

2: Silver plated pole – Now we use the silver plated spring pole, which has better electrical conductivity. The spring pole can fit all the battery no matter the depth of the battery pole.

3: New heating coils and wicks – Don’t need the dual coil for larger vapour, don’t need the resistance to solve the burning taste, we now use new heating coil and wick’s tech to solve all the problem.

Other Clearomizers

ce4 clearomizerCE4 Clearomizer – The CE4 Clearomizer is the hottest atomizer for those serious vapers, it’s also called CE4 Cartomizer or CE4 Tankomizer, is the 4th generation of eGo-T clearomizer with bigger liquid capacity and calibrations on the transparent body.

ce5 clearomizerCE5 Clearomizer – The CE5 clearomizer is easy to use and can hold up to 1.6 ml of e liquid. Plus, the clear design allows you to see e liquid levels and the size allows for max e liquid capacity. The wick of the CE5 is inside the cube, that makes the atomizer more clear.

evod bccEVOD BCC – The EVOD BCC, also name as EVOD Clearomizer, is 2013 newest Bottom Coil Clearomizer. The difference between CE4 / VIVI NOVA serials is that the atomizer head of EVOD BCC is located on the bottom which can provide you excellent flavour and hit.

vivi bccEcigator Vivi Nova BCC – 2013 Newest Ecigator Vivi Nova Bcc – Bottom Coil Vivi Nova Clearomizer – New Bottom Coil technology used on the famous Vivi Nova. The most difference between vivi bcc and vivi nova is that the heating coil is now located on the bottom.

More new products are on the way, for more details, please visit page: Contact Us.